We love agility, it’s such a great way to keep both dog and owner fit, focussed and bonded!!  However these days our time is taken up running the hydrotherapy centre, so we are really pleased that Dynamic Dog Agility run their classes from CanineKinetics …

Dynamic Dog Agility Training

Agility consists of the handler directing the dog through a sequence of obstacles as accurately and quickly as possible. Agility is a great way of not only keeping both dog and handler fit but also helps to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Apart from gaining a new skill, agility helps to make new friends and most of all enjoy your time with your dog.

At Dynamic Dog Agility, training is fun with a relaxed teaching style but still enough to push you and your dog to achieve a great deal at every session. Each session will build on skills and increase your learning of new challenging things to help improve the communication between you and your dog.

All breeds and sizes of dogs are welcome to train at Dynamic Dog Agility. All training is reward base and having fun with you dog is the most important thing! However, dogs need to be 12 months old to do full height equipment but puppies/ younger dogs are welcome to do the foundations of agility.

Your instructor, Steph Matthews, is an experienced agility handler/ KC agility judge. Dynamic Dog Agility offers a variety of classes, from complete beginners through to experienced competitors. Group classes or one to one lessons are available.

At Dynamic Dog Agility there is no pressure to compete, all dogs and handlers will be given the skills they need if they decide to give it ago later on.

Please contact Steph Matthews at Dynamic Dog Agility directly to enquire about booking lessons. E: FB: