Aqua Pups

Puppy Swimming Lessons for pups from 12 weeks to 12 months!!

Your pup is hopefully as fit and healthy as he will ever be at this moment, but learning to swim and becoming accustomed to the hydrotherapy environment at an early age will pay dividends for his future health and happiness… and it’s all good fun and a great learning experience too!!

Your pup may have lots of energy at this stage in his life, and the temptation is to take him for lots of walks, however this can be detrimental to his growing bones and joints, and may cause problems later in life; swimming is a safer exercise as it is non-weight-bearing and will reduce the pressure on his joints – a short Aqua Pups lesson will more than equal a daily walk, and you will hopefully find you have a sleepy, relaxed pup for an hour or two afterwards!

Aqua Pups lessons include

  • One to one support in and out of the pool from hydrotherapist.
  • Fun, proprioceptively enriching environment
  • Games and toys to make the whole experience a happy one
  • Fun shower time
  • Puppy Massage
  • Introduction to the pool
  • Appropriate early swimming lessons

How will Aqua Pups help my pup?

  • Fun learning experience
  • Confidence Building
  • Learn to swim safely
  • Promotes correct movement & posture
  • Appropriately develops healthy, strong muscles
  • Great foundation for future canine athletes!
  • Non-weightbearing exercise for growing bones and joints
  • Should your pup ever need hydrotherapy for health issues in his adult life, as many dogs do, he will already be comfortable in the environment and a treatment plan can be immediately effective

Please Note: Aqua Pups Lessons are only intended to introduce your puppy to swimming and the pool environment, they are not intended as a therapeutic treatment.

If your pup has health issues that you think may be helped by hydrotherapy treatment then you will need to ask your vet to complete a veterinary referral/consent form, and your appointment will need to be therapeutic based.