Dog School

At CanineKinetics Dog School we aim to help owners bond and communicate with their puppies and dogs using positive reward and games based training. The skills we teach will help you and your dog enjoy a long and happy life together, based on trust and understanding.

Training Classes

Classes are small and friendly with a maximum of 5 pups in each class, taught by our qualified and experienced instructors in a safe, enclosed classroom or outdoor paddock.

The CanineKinetics training journey starts with the Puppy Foundation class, where we teach life skills and good manners in a positive, fun and rewarding way to encourage your pup to keep repeating the great behaviour!  We also understand that each and every puppy is unique and we will be there to support you and your pup through some of the more challenging moments of puppyhood as well as the lovely, cuddly bits!!

After the Puppy Foundation Class, there is an opportunity to continue learning and developing skills with our follow on classes … Juniors, Improvers, Graduates… to the dizzy heights of High Fliers Class!! The great thing about training dogs is that there is always something new to learn!

One to One Training

Do you worry that your dog wouldn’t cope with training classes, or maybe you have a specific training issue that you would like some help with?

At CanineKinetics our experienced and sympathetic instructors provide ‘one to one’ lessons to create a training plan that is specific to you and your dog.

As with our classes, our training is fun, positive, modern and reward based, we want to help you and your dog to become a partnership, be able to clearly communicate and enjoy the time you spend together.

Agility Training

A great way to have fun, keep fit and learn new skills with your dog whilst learning to negotiate agility obstacles and courses.

Classes and one to one lessons are available for complete beginners who want to enjoy time with their dogs, through to those that would like to compete or are already competing and would like a little help to perfect their skills (up to KC Grade 4).

(Dogs must be over 12 months, physically healthy, get on with other dogs and have good basic obedience)