A fun new method of puppy training


So you’ve got a new puppy and naturally you want to give them the best start possible. The next, very sensible step would be to enroll in puppy classes, learn the basics and have a nice foundation to build your life with your new pup. But what if there was a different way? What if you could fill your training with fun and build an unbreakable bond with your pet, all while boosting their physical and emotional well-being to the best possible levels? ‘Gym Pups’ can help. 

With our experience in puppy training, dog behaviour and physiotherapy, we’ve designed a program to give your dog the best start in life, emotionally and physically. Puzzle solving, soft play obstacle courses and puppy pilates are just a few of the activities you’ll have fun with while building an incredible bond with your new puppy. 

Get in touch & Fill your pup’s potential

“By letting your puppy relax and have fun, it is creating the best environment to learn in. Gym Pups creates this environment and your pup will finish the course both well trained and with an amazing bond with YOU!”

Helen Rowley

What will we be doing?

A mix of fun activities that help your pup learn in a better way. Excercises like; 

– ‘Gym Pups’ unique soft play excercise
– Puppy Pilates
– Puzzle Solving
– Play centred learning

How do I get involved?

There’s a Gym Pups class for you if: 
– Your dog is between 11 weeks and 1 year of age
– ‘Regular’ Puppy Classes aren’t for you
-You and your puppy want a new challenge
-You’re starting out and want to give your puppy the best opportunities.- One to One sessions available for pups of all ages



What will my pup learn?

– Co-ordination and Balance
– Behaviour Enrichment & Development
– Communication Skills
– Bonding and focus with YOU!
– A Happy Puppy