Veterinary Physiotherapy can be used to support dogs through various stages of their lives, including times of pre and postoperative care, musculoskeletal impairment/injury and neurological dysfunction, as well as providing maintenance, conditioning and performance enhancement for the pet dog to the sports and show dog.

CanineKinetics provides safe, comfortable treatment areas, and a range of treatments are available with our qualified veterinary physiotherapist.

How can Physiotherapy help?…

  • Manual therapies including deep tissue and light touch massage, stretching, myofascial release and trigger point massage to help relieve muscle spasm and pain and increase mobility and proprioception.
  • Thermotherapy to reduce pain and inflammation and increase healing.
  • Electrotherapies including pulsed magnetic therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, phototherapy and muscle stimulation working at a cellular level to aid healing and quality of tissue repair.
  • Individually tailored therapeutic exercise programmes to aid recovery and return to normal movement, strength and mobility or to simply increase strength and teach correct movement.

What do I do next?…

Appointments can be made directly with CanineKinetics, however veterinary referral and consent is always required.

Our therapists will tailor a bespoke treatment plan to suit individual dogs’ needs.

We work closely with your veterinary surgeon and will always refer back with any concerns we may have regarding your pets’ health and treatment plan.