Veterinary Acupuncturist, Eliza Senior BVM&S MRCVS, holds weekly clinics at CanineKinetics. Eliza is a qualified veterinary surgeon and also a member of Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists.

Acupuncture  has evolved from the ancient art of placing very fine needles into special locations on the body to alleviate pain and improve recovery rates by stimulating the body’s nervous system, neurotransmitters and hormones to provide natural pain and stress relief.

Acupuncture treatment has many benefits – it is highly beneficial in relieving muscular trigger points which can be painful and debilitating, and is invaluable as a complementary treatment to help relieve the pain and compensatory changes for pets with osteoarthritis.

Acupuncture is a safe and useful addition to veterinary painkiller and anti-inflammatory medications, and also has the benefit that it can be used on animals that cannot tolerate these drugs.

It is important that dogs feel relaxed during their acupuncture treatment so we provide quiet comfy corners with soft beds and blankets … and usually some tasty treats too!

What do I do next?…

  • Appointments can be made directly with CanineKinetics, however veterinary referral and consent is always required.
  • Your vet may choose to contact us first and we will then ring you to arrange an appointment
  • Please Note: Our treatments are complementary to your veterinary surgeons care, and not an alternative. We like to work closely with your dog’s own vet and will always refer back with any concerns we may have regarding your pets’ health and treatment plan.